The main practice is situation at Kapunda 32 Hill Street, our Allied Health Centre is right next door at 30 Hill Street Kapunda. Our branch practice is located at 25a Bruce Street Eudunda.

Kapunda Medical Practice

At present it boasts 6 large consulting rooms, a comprehensively equipped 3 bed treatment room, large reception area, separate administration areas, and a conference room / library and kitchen staff area upstairs.
The building is conveniently situated some 300 metres off the main street opposite a children’s playground on one frontage and a park “the Duck Pond” on the other.
The consulting rooms are spacious, with a curtained off barouche and examination area in each.
The practice provides inpatient services to the Kapunda Hospital, which has 23 acute beds. A range of services are provided including general surgery, orthopedic surgery, ENT, urology, gynaecology, cardiology and gastroenterology. The practice provides anaesthetics for the above procedural work and also provides obstetric services.

Eudunda Medical Practice

The Eudunda practice is situated in a council owned building on the Main street of Eudunda. The township is 27 km northeast of Kapunda.
It consists of two consulting rooms, a nurse one on one room, a treatment room, reception area, record room, and a kitchen.
The treatment room allows the performance of minor procedures, If need be, procedures can be booked at the Kapunda site instead, or alternatively performed at the nearby Eudunda Hospital.
Eudunda at present has a Nurse on site 4 days of the week, and our Mental Health Nurse consults here one session per week.

The Eudunda Hospital has 6 acute beds and 16 aged care beds. There are no acute surgical or obstetric services provided at the Eudunda Hospital. The 6 acute beds are for emergencies only.

Doctors are supported by professional and experienced administrative staff and equipment at all times. Currently we have 8 Receptionists, an Office Manager, and Practice Manager in addition to the 5 Practice Nurses 1 Enrolled Nurse and a Mental Health Nurse.

The treatment room is set up for procedures such as suture of lacerations, excising lesions, dressings, ECG, Spirometry (both on new Welch Allyn pc based devices linked into the clinical package), and other minor procedures.

We are comprehensively equipped, having invested significantly in updating plant and equipment consistently since 2005.

Our seven Practice Nurses including a Chronic Disease Coordinator have roles in assisting with procedures, sterilizing, immunization, wound care, assisting in test result follow-ups, and education. Each Practice Nurse has specialised areas consisting of Diabetes Resource Nurse, Midwife, women’s health, and Cardiac and lifestyle. In 2010 the practice has seen a big move towards chronic disease management, one of our Practice Nurses trained as Chronic Disease Management Coordinator. This has seen us introduce new health assessments and increase opportunities for GP Management plans and Team Care Arrangements.

In 2007 we were lucky enough to recruit a skilled Mental Health Nurse, through the Medicare initiative, this has expanded to become a full cycle of care offered to patients, assisting towards the proactive use of Doctors time. Seen as valuable members of our team, we are focused on proactively utilising the Nurses time to in return maximise our doctors time. This is recognised in Medicare, with government payments for various activities. In September 2010 we have been very fortunate to gain the services of a Psychiatrist Dr Jacob Alexander, this has expanded on our Mental Health services and offered some great teaching opportunities for all clinical staff.


Dr Max at Eudunda consult room